Hello, welcome to my digital temple.  My name is Celia Schauble.

This is my shrine. A sacred and creative space where I am free to share all the pieces of me.

Who I am and all my gifts. Treasures—found and created here.

I created this space to own my whole life. Fusing all that I know, all that I have learned, all that I do and all that I am seeking to discover in to one place.

Enclosed are my words. My art. My brand and my eye for discovering beauty.

A reflection of my life’s journey thus far. All that resonates within my collective consciousness and what I know to be true.

Here I am. Sharing pieces of me.

I would love to connect and grow with you.

Feel free to send me a note or leave a comment.

I am so excited that you are sharing this journey with me!

Thank you!

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What brought me to this space in time…

When I considered my life, where I have been and where I am seeking to go. One question rang within me the most.

“What are you willing to do for passion? —correction… What are you willing to do for YOUR passion?

I have been meditating on this single question…

What is my passion? As I reflect, I ask myself—If I am not willing to get up and move for my own passion, how can I get up and move for someone else’s?

Today I understand that I get to show all the way up for myself.

That is what CeliaSchauble.com is all about –the totality of who I am as a woman.

These are the questions that lead me here.


This space is for me, and for all the women who are like me, or have been like me.

For the belief that I had to do it right.

For the belief that I had to make myself fit into someone else’s box to not be left or punished.

For the countless dysfunctional choices that I have made based on that belief system.

For the fear of being abandoned.

For the fear of being rejected.

For the fear of not being good enough.

For the fear of not being worthy.

For the sexual assault and molestation.

For choosing not to be seen for so many years—both personally and professionally.

For the compassion.

For the empathy.

For the forgiveness.

For the choice to be first.

For willing to take the risk even if it means that I look foolish or unprofessional. Even if people ridicule me and do think that what I am doing is a good idea. Even if people don’t believe me or in me. Even if people judge me and don’t appreciate me. Won’t hire me and don’t love me.


I am doing this anyway!


This is for me.

I have finally discovered and come to understand that my pain is also my beauty.

This is for my family – my origin and lineage.

For my mother, grandmother, and those who have come before them.

For the home I came from—a space that contained the greatest love story that was never fully realized.

For my aunts, cousins, and all their children.

For the incest—the molestation—sexual abuse—emotional traumas—scarcity—poverty—social conditioning—sadness—sorrow—death.


This is for the family that I created.

For my children, Stone and Silas.

For the man that I now call “Wasband.”

For the love that was and for the love that IS and the love that is to come.


This is for my first love.

For every word and emotion that I felt and didn’t have access to.

For the numbness.

For not knowing what I didn’t know.