C Loves Textiles literally means just that! I LOVE anything woven. The influence that fabric has had on my life began at a very early age when I was a young girl. I would watch my grandmother as she would cut patterns for the dresses that she made for the ladies she worked for. My grandmother was a seamstress. I would often shop with her and observe the process of how the fabric she selected would go on to become a dress, skirt, blouse, pair of trousers or whatever else she sought to create. I was fascinated and mesmerized by what fabric could do when understood.

C Loves Textiles is a division of In the Pursuit of WOW! Design Studio. It was born out of the devotion to my creative talents. The process and experience of creating relationships, strategies, creative platforms and content for De Leo Textiles as their Creative Strategist. De Leo Textiles is an industry leader and provider of luxury imported Turkish Textiles that supplies furniture manufacturers, jobbers, and retailers in the US. I enjoyed and excelled in creating high market value by cross pollinating their business, by utilizing my unique brand of expertise and position in the marketplace. Constructions that I have worked in, contributed to, and developed include: chenille solids and textures, velvets and specialty prints. I have curated from open stock programs as well as and created original patterns and coloring  for the US market. I also contributed to creating a unique in-house concepts that supported capitalizing on a market that hadn’t been fully developed. It has been so exciting to see my creative impact influence De Leo Textiles’ business.