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I am a teacher. I support other human beings in healing and living their best life NOW. My teaching skills have been developed by my life experiences and my understanding of the human condition. This is my gift and my contribution to humanity.


My Ownership – My Shadows – My Pleasure – My bliss became my integrity.

Blissipline >Pleasure Principle

Pleasure Principle<Blissipline

I found my own bliss by choosing to do the hard thing. My shadows held my freedom. By owning my shame. Saying yes to my own desires, owning my skin, owning all my sex and the totality of who I am.

Here are my thoughts on pleasure and bliss:

Pleasure research is a disciplined practice of being present and aware of the body and choosing to live from desire, moment to moment regardless of circumstance. It can be applied anywhere at any time. I prefer the word “blissipline.”

Pleasure research means that I know how to and get to have and hold MORE!

M ~ Moments

O ~ Of

R ~ Resounding

E ~ Evolution

I am a bonafide Blissiplinarian!

A ‘Blissiplinarian’ is ‘someone who enforces pleasure and invites opportunities for more pleasure,’ while a ‘Blissciple’ is a person who aspires to master the art of Blissipline.
— Rob Breszny

"A Blissiplinarian knows that routines and logic are not spiritual practices...that’s just doingness...choosing distraction and being disconnected." -Celia Schauble

"Being a Blissiplinarian is in the feeling into the balance of life in connection to being in soul aligned action all the time by choosing the most pleasure at any given moment." -Celia Schauble